A Message from Our Executive Director

With the encouragement of several good friends we have established SAGE International (Strategic Advancement for Gospel Empowerment International). Our focus will continue to be discipleship teaching and mentoring, yet we believe we will enjoy a broader vision with a new governing board.

I’m pleased to introduce Dr. Mickie McDonald (Chairman), Mr. Justo Escobar (Vice Chairman), Rev. David Burke (Secretary), Mr. Bert Richardson (Treasurer), and Bro. Aaron Turner (IT Specialist) as our inaugural Board of Directors.  The Rev. Dr. Premjit Kumar will serve as our International Director, the Rev. Jeff Borden will lead us as our Curriculum Director, and I will serve as the Executive Director.

The purpose of SAGE is to advance the Kingdom of God among the nations of the world to the end that the triune God of the Bible will be praised and glorified;

The vision of SAGE shall be to assist and help equip the Christian believers within the Church to teach, preach and evangelize other nationals in their regional language the truth of God’s Word.

The mission of SAGE shall be to provide curriculum materials to Bible colleges, churches, pastors, church leaders, Christian workers and teachers so that they may be effectively equipped to teach and apply basic Biblical truth to the untrained, undiscipled, and unreached masses of the countries of the world.

Currently, we are seeking to provide the curriculum needs to fulfill the vision of our SAGE International Director.  We are very excited about the possibilities we are given to help fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism training, discipleship instruction, and church leadership development.  Additionally, we are pleased that we have already received significant commitments for Bible distribution in Africa.

The needs for COVID relief in India, Africa, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the Philippines (our primary areas of interest at this point) continue to be great.  We have enough resources for one more month of relief to be sent in November, but the need will likely continue for several months.

Please pray with us, that like the Good Samaritan, we will be moved with compassion to practically show mercy toward those caught in the misery of this fallen world and offer to everyone— Hope in Christ Jesus.  We thank you if you are moved to donate even a little.

Rev. Randy Wilding
Executive Director